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Robert Hendriksen

Hello! My name is Robert Hendriksen. Welcome to my site!

S'il te plaît, clique sur ma photo ou ici pour participer, mais UNIQUEMENT si tu as au moins 21 ans.

Hi! My name is Robert Hendriksen. I'm a 42 year (born 30th of June 1977) old webslut from The Netherlands. I live in the town of Bilthoven, near the city of Utrecht. My home address is Kometenlaan 139. ZIP code: 3721 JD. My phone number is +31624463262 and my e-mail is (No calling & no house visits please. Send a message and let's start from there).

I choose to be exposed on this site because i just love to be exposed! I get a huge sexual thrill knowing that complete strangers all over the word have access to my pics, vids and personal details, and they can download and share it with others and on other sites. I'm almost completely shameless, and i'm trying to be even more shameless in the future.

I have been exposing myself online for a few years now, but it started out on camsites, without showing my face. I guess about 4 years ago i started showing my face and completely naked body online. As time went by i dared to show myself in more and more slutty and extreme ways. Masturbation, anal insertions, crossdressing, bodywriting, cumshots, pissing, i did it all online. And eventually (maybe 2 years ago?) i exposed my real identity and in just a few months i added the rest of my personal details (the ones you can see above). Unfortunately i had to stop for a few months due to personal circumstances, but, addicted as i am to exposure, here i am going all the way again!

At the moment i am exposing myself on Pornhub (voluntarilyexposed), Xhamster (Webslut_Robert), Imagefap (RobertHendriksen) and Twitter (@voluntarilyexp1). There are some more sites, but these are the ones i frequently visit myself.

Feel free to send me messages, but please be polite and respect the fact that i'm heterosexual, so i am happy to talk and share my pics with all people, all sexes, but please don't send dick pics to me. Pussy pics are very welcome and i love to tribute your pussy. Please do share any ideas for new pics, i do not mind to suck a dildo-cock for the gay and bi people out there, and i love stuffing my ass with about anything i can find! Love to be displayed in many slutty ways and i love to hear about what you did to my pics. Did you share online? With others? Where can i see this?

For those downoading and sharing my pics. Thank you, i love it! But please make sure my pics will only be seen by adults. So you can print my pics and hand them out to other adults. But please do not put them up in public areas where they van be seen or obtained by minors. This is very important to me, and hopefully to you too!

That being said, enjoy and share my slut body! - Robert Hendriksen.

Et je suis tellement fière de faire partie de TheBestOf.Absolutely.Exposed !